Great Run Feats

Extreme athlete (and fantastic eco-warrior) Braam Malherbe recently ran 4,218km along the Great Wall of China. It took 98 days, at an average of 43km a day. It was the latest in a long list of fund-raising efforts and climate and inequality awareness projects.

Also apparently one of South Africa’s most in-demand motivational speakers, he has his own take on how you generate success. Here’s an intro of quotes attributed to him:

if you pursue your passion the money will follow

to find direction in your life you have to leave your comfort zone behind

what’s the point of drifting along with a twisted knot or hole in the pit of your stomach

in nature you are either an asset or liability

always remember that nothing is as difficult as it seems as first

nothing is impossible if you commit

Despite wobbling towards the general motivational direction, his sporting achievements allow me to rate his overall approach. Especially when his mental fabric as demonstrated above meant that he secured sponsorship for his Great Run only on the departing runway steps. He clearly believed in his sales process.

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