Top 5 Toronto Presentation Mistakes

In the dung-filled field of abundant presentation skill insight on the web, here’s a rare blossoming rose. It comes from Canadian @jessedee. His website is well worth a visit, in particular to view his slideshared You Suck At Powerpoint5 Shocking Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid. Here’s its summary page:


Not only is Jesse’s presentation an excellent entrance for someone new to the craft, it cheekily offers a few pointers for the hardened speaker.

In particular I liked the reminder never to under-estimate the amount of time a quality presentation takes.

“Most experts seem to agree –
An outstanding 1-hour presentation takes at least 30 hours or more of prep time”

Among other terrific tips are not to be precious about your logo and contact trimmings, the proper use of images (and the startling impact black and white pics can have), beautiful fonts and fill a wall with your prep. And there’s links to more of his winning presentations, like this one.


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