Guardiola's Barca Performance

I recently read a load of PR related to a new book. It’s about how coach Pep Guardiola managed to sculpt the best ever football side from the collapsing ruins of a previous regime.

There’s an awful lot of comment about this online, so here’s the simple, major sales takeaway from his opening address to his new charges;

I’m not asking results of you, just performance

This is perhaps the fundamental difference I see between the quota-busters and the rest.

Work out what constitutes a proper ‘performance’, and the ‘results’ will look after themselves. These are the kinds of salesteam people love working for. When the emphasis is reversed, carnage ensues.

I also appreciate the team ethic promoted;

I could forgive you any mistake, but I won’t forgive you if you don’t give your heart and soul to Barcelona

Shades of Warren Buffett’s ‘lose us money, I’ll be understanding, lose us a shred of our reputation and I’ll be ruthless’.

How many people are making up the numbers, serving time, in salesteams you are involved with?

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