Here’s an interesting thread I mentally wove beyond after reading some remarks from a twogger. He was talking about how long it took for a company to finally nail ‘excellent‘ products.

His cybersphere-grabbing headline named-checked Apple. How they took 25 years to perfect their first PC, slashed now down to just 11 months with their iPad.

He termed this T2E; Time To Excellence.

Excellence in a selling context can allude to many an area. In one key, personal, sense, it is where 100% of target is achieved.

So ‘t2e’ can easily refer to the length of time taken to hit that mark.

If you know what those salespeople ‘do’ that make this early in the year, then it could be de-constructed and the winning parts applied to those that do not.

Yet I feel there’s a better concept within this.

Take the two extremes of a sales campaign. The opening, and the closing.

If you examine time taken to both points then you are preparing to manage, ie. shorten, the leadtime for deals to come in. Time to Opening (T2O) and Time to Close (T2C). And this should lead to greater volumes and less wasted effort.

Then you could also expand this treatment to look at other critical gateways on your sales process.

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