Happy Ears Syndrome

I did chuckle at this phrase I heard recently.

A wizened operator described an age-old malaise, afflicting too many an inexperienced sales meeting with a prospect.

Where the prospective vendor thinks everything went great.

The potential client “loves” them and their product.

Yet once left, the simple “A-B-C” of questions remain unanswered;

Who decides? How? Is there even budget?

People were all smiles during the meeting. “They loved it”.

Even worse, afterwards precious little is confirmed in writing.

What the seller thinks was agreed turns out to be 180° away from what the prospect thought.

Any deal perishes in the subsequent drifting nowhere land.

There are ways to prevent this destruction of your dreams.

A whole raft of options including pinpointing the opportunity of your pain-relieving surgery, a solid examination of a specific point diarised, collaboration cemented to provide data.

But whatever choice you pick, it is totally right that you ensure Happy Ears is not a malady upsetting your sell-being.

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