Your Holacratic Three Priorities

There’s plenty of chatter right now about grassroot quasi-political movements. Bands of disparate activists who mobilise together to try and face down some seemingly enormous, heinous perceived foe.

They prefer to ‘organise’ around cell structures, co-ordinate without appointed leadership, and use snap polls on messaging apps to determine protest action.

So how do decisions get made? Policy set? On-going development or modification occur?

One such forum I heard explained, had chiefly a free-for-all discussion. Then as an ending, they adopted what apparently is a standard procedure for volunteer groups; they select three agreed priorities to act upon.

So. If an endeavour where people happily give their time without recompense, such as charity, community or not-for-profit efforts, can make sure they don’t finish a session without three priorities, then should we too as solution sellers?

I’ve been personally involved in many similar frameworks. From a rolling list of five operational to-dos through to having to log an agreed next action on every sales call.

It is frightening how many an important meet can dissolve into nothing more than handshakes and smiles without any concrete outcome not only proposed, but openly accepted by those in attendance.

Let’s not fall into such trap. At least make sure to take this one tip from what are presently being termed as a type of holacracy.

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