Harness The Intrigue Of Dreams In Your Next Regular Presentation

Doing the rounds on telly sofas this week is a “dream psychologist“. I know. Bit crystal-gazey dodgy daytime tv sounding, right?

His chat is so beguiling it’s difficult not to get drawn in to his simple assessments of dreams. And detail on what you should about them.

What I really liked about his promo-round pitch was his deliberate use of three words;

Will. Still. Fill.

This is what they represent;

As you lay your head on your pillow to go to sleep, say to yourself ‘Tonight, I WILL remember my dreams’.
When you wake up, lie completely STILL for a minute. Don’t move, don’t look at the time, don’t even wiggle your toes. By staying still, images and feelings from your dreams will emerge.
Then FILL in the gaps between the images from the dreams that you have created and your dream narrative will appear.

I immediately thought of a cheeky presentation application.

I reckon repeating this would work particularly well at the outset of a regular presentation. Kind of like an internal sales meeting, or ongoing review with an established client.

All you need do in your opening remarks is explain the world’s leading dream doc has three words to help us understand our dreams.

Adapting his website strapline for Sales use is easy;

A presentation is just a presentation until you put it into action.

You could wear a smile and suggest that to get the most out of this presentation today, you quickly think, ‘I will get something key out of this’. Then after, we’ll all stay still, pause for a moment and reflect. Before finally we fill our mind with the top takeaway and share it with the rest of us.

I know from my own experience, that the larger the crown, the better it is to just ask one or two people to share their best learning. Any more than that and you always get the class clown who thinks it funny to crack a joke, normally at the subject matter’s expense.

A little different and surely entertaining in an informal setting. And you can break up the norm even more if you learn a couple of Ian Wallace’s tips for some of the most common dreams. He believes every dream has meaning and that it can be acted upon.

There’s plenty of material on his own website, and the top ten summarised on this Daily Mail piece. The ‘being naked in public’ dream sounds a winner to grab attention, hey..?!

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