Have You Read The Book On It?

Here’s a screenshot from a music promo video from 2020.

At the very beginning. Nasrene, about to sing her track Parties in the Park. Gets passed a tome.

Oh, look. She’s reading the book on it. How to have a party in the park. Enjoying it too, judging by her smile.

Yes, this is made-up.

But what an interesting visual prop.

If you’ve a colour printer to hand, then why not get creative for a little extra impact?

Imagine being in front of (in-person or by screen) your prospect.

They aim to achieve something.

There is a journey. Or destination. Or at least some desired quest.

How to keep ahead of your closest competitor

How to catch up your market leader

How to out-innovate your marketplace

How to move into the new market

How to turnaround from where we’re at

There’s quite a list of options, right?

Then spend a cheeky half-hour and make your own book cover.

Any slideware – even a word processor – can let you fashion one the right size.

Print out, and tack onto any old standard book you have lying close around.

A little comedy could go a long way.

You might even think up a title that everyone wished really did exist. But knows could or should not. Ever.

How to manage suppliers through mind control

How to guarantee Finance doubles your Budgets

How to become a company legend with zero effort

Still. If nothing else, a few minutes extra work and you could at least have a tiny hack that gives you a winning prop. One to leave on the meeting table or as cheeky set-dressing on your zoomscape background shelving. To remind all present what you are hopefully going to be in it together to try and achieve.

You can even ask your prospect what kind of things must go in the book too…

By way of example, here’s my own latest book cover, quickly adapted for this purpose, following the above template (but you can choose any inspiration from elsewhere that you like);

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