Hearse & Flowers

Closes you should not deploy.

Chatting away with some seasoned sellers at a conference recently, we got to discussing wince-inducing closes.

One person mentioned a close he’d been told by a life insurance salesman. He apparently called it his “drive the hearse up to the house and let them smell the flowers” close.

When he felt he was near to a deal, he’d tell a story. It was made-up. He’d talk about how someone was wavering a short while ago, and he really wished they’d signed. And what do you know. A week later one of them died. How sad all-round.

The jaw hits the ground.

This reminded me of another disturbing close from the same arena.

The life insurance rep would get a married couple together. Pull out a mini toy coffin. And say;

Now, let’s imagine, Mr, you’ve passed. You’re in here. What would you do, Mrs?

At which point, the husband always started to speak.


Shouts the rep. And taps the coffin.

You’ve died remember. You can’t speak…. Now, Mrs…?

Please tell me this kind of thing doesn’t go on today?

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