Link Sell Shopkeeper

I love Singapore’s Hawker Centres. The food is so good and so tempting that if they were operating where I live, then I’m sure everyone would be shockingly overweight.

At one, People’s Park, along New Bridge Road next to Outram Park in Chinatown, I ventured around to buy some toiletries.

Wanting something specific, the omnipresent chains of Watson’s and 7-Eleven were unhelpful. So, with a grimace, I risked a local vendor.

Happily, he had the precise toothpaste I was after.

Then, impressing me greatly, he simply asked;

and a toothbrush…?

I willingly gave the Indian shopkeeper my dollars.

How often do sellers miss a trick. They think a link-sell question is intimidating. Intrusive. Bound to trigger a knock-back.

Yet this chap was so natural, matter-of-fact, that I bet it works wonders for him.

How can you adopt the same method?

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