Hot Pink, A Shock Of Yellow & Bright Blue Bubbles

I flicked through a print edition of London’s Times.

As the pages unfurled past my thumb, this photo stood out. It was so different to any other image in the paper. Its colours were uniquely bold, manufactured and contrasting.

Despite the image crossing over the two page spread and newsprint bleeding through from the other side, it still strikes you as typical of a contemporary salesdeck slide design.

The story highlights the countdown to an upcoming deadline. Hence the alarm clock metaphor.

Slightly irritatingly set near to, but not on, the standard marketing time for clockface display of 10:08.

With a trio of interlocking bubbles housing key figures related to the issue.

Online, the article does not feature the full slide. Instead, you simply get a placeholder header image. The stock photo alone (credited to picture library Alamy), and so shorn of the numbers of note:

What this design work does show, is a classic, and useful current, way to format a slide of ours.

Disruptive background, bold coloured relevant imagery on two-thirds, and your noteworthy data on the other third.

Keep on the lookout for any message you can get across in such fashion.

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