How Do You Get The Good Word Spread?

With the 4-day break upon us, a couple of my pals insisted on painting Soho red last night. You’re never too old to party. One of them had just sealed a spectacular deal in his Finance world.

It was so noteworthy for his sector, that a third-party stakeholder called him to marvel at how he’d done it and trumpet congratulations. Intriguingly, they offered to also phone his boss to further sing his praises. My mukka’s instant response was a cracker.

“Don’t tell me, don’t even tell my boss, she already knows how brilliant the deal is, instead phone everyone else you know and tell them”

When something good goes down, which far-reaches of your firm, those in close proximity outside, or even people around the outer edges of your orbit, could it be useful to get the message across to?

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