It's About The Craft

I blog a lot about what drives achievers in sport. One regular trait is that they concentrate on process first. Glory follows as a consequence. I saw an allied piece of thinking from an interview with the boss of American TV corporation CBS. Piers Morgan asked him how come Brit’s currently starred in so many hit US shows (he quoted a figure of 1 in 3 major roles being played by Britons – check out this image gallery for 35 current examples). The network chief responded without hesitation, admiration clearly brimming.

“They focus on the craft”

He expanded, citing their dedication to honing their skills, rather than chasing fast bucks. British actors tread the boards in the remotest of places, often for long periods of time with scant financial recompense, and consequently evolve into masters of their art.

Yet another example of how to best mould your personal sales strategy.

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