How Klopp Stays On Top

An outrageous EPL season is now beyond half-time. The runaway leaders Liverpool having the best ever run of any team in Europe’s so-called Big Five leagues, ever.

21 wins and 1 draw after 22 games.

What makes it perhaps even more notable, is that the team suffered crushing disappointment in the league last time round. The highest points tally by a team not to win the title. A total that in all but a couple of outlier seasons would have won them the championship in any year since inception in 1888-9.

They did win the European Cup though, beating Tottenham in the Madrid final.

Still, how you go again so well after falling agonisingly short may become a classic case study.

Here’s a snippet from an interview with their popular uber-coach, Jurgen Klopp;

How did you prevent inflated egos after Madrid?

“The conscious decision we made with the boys was, as Liverpool players, it was not about winning one thing. It is about winning and there is no limit.

“The moment we did it was important – but it did not give us a feeling it was done.

“We like to think we would meet up in 20 to 30 years, look back and mix up the years. Was it 2019 or 2020?

“So far, so good. We try to squeeze everything we can get from our time together. There is no pressure, it is just opportunity.”

This is yet another salutary salesteam steer for those rollercoastering from feast to famine.

It’s not about winning one deal.

It’s about being on our ideal deals.

Process creates outcome.

And we’re never ‘done’ at year-end.

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