Team Good Better Best Exercise

With SKO season in full flow, when I run afternoons at a Sales Conference, I’ve learned to give the group a quick task before a natural break in proceedings.

When I first did this, I evoked the wisdom of crowds to unearth how well the collective thought on a particular initiative might fare.

I’ve also handed out the notelets to (anonymously) write the most dastardly objection faced.

There’s another such routine that gets honest results. Especially when launching something new, like a new product or structure.

I called it;

Good  Better  Best

In three columns, the salesforce simply jot down what it is that they do ‘good’, where they can be ‘better’, and what they do ‘best’. These headings can relate to organisational traits, individual ones, or those of a specific product. Whichever is most applicable to the meeting’s theme.

Answers reveal content for future attention as well as likely giving a platform to a quick ten-minute class exercise upon their return to the room.

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