How Many Need Secreteering?

The 'boys versus girls secrets' meme, apparently.

Refashioned and degendered by me here, now mapping onto our Sales world.

There's a pair of points to make today on this.

First, in any solution sell, there's nearly always an extra person involved buyerside than you know.

Who is that bid +1?

They may lurk truly beyond your horizon, in a different organisation even. Or merely in the shadows, their presence felt, but not directly seen. Or in plain sight, and as yet somehow overlooked.

At all grades up and down the influencer scale. For each of the four main buying viewpoints. Explicit or covert.

Often vital to the cause.

Found them?

Second, what about 'secrets'?

I remember in my days (are they ever over?) trying to figure out copywriting, coming across this 'tip'. Supposedly the twelve words in English holding most seductive power;

'I'm going to tell you a secret, but you mustn't tell anyone'.

The point is less that you must share your secret, but that you more encourage people to not miss out on the as-yet unseen magic, unheard marvel, ungrasped magnetism.

Where does this reside for you prospect?

And are you using its force?

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