Likert Adapting from Political Leader to Prospects

Likert Adapting from Political Leader to Prospects

Who knows where the current contest for a G7, D10 and P5 leader will end.

As the UK ruling party beauty pageant sought to switch horses mid-term, one pollster produced this eye-catching survey. As reported through the chart above.

Ten possibles ranked alongside the present Opposition incumbent.

I instantly liked the presentation. On Likert lines perhaps. A five-point scale where the mid-point is neutral. Often labelled 'neither satisfied nor dissatisfied'. With 'outer' pairs offering a choice of non-fencesitting preference.

This case is good for highlighting such middle, uncommitted ground. Greyed-out, ready to fill.

Note too the ranking by dint of preferences gained.

For the selection that matters, the country still has two years to wait for the next General Election.

We though, can utilise this for results today.

There's quite a few ways jumping out from this treatment to help us. How about this one for starters.

Consider your next potential business review. Or looking for a neat lens to judge where you stand on a particular bid, in realtime.

Take any complex bid where there's both several prospect personalities involved and a decent number exposed to them from our side.

Specifically frame their leanings towards or against us. Think;

very / fairly supportive or unsupportive.

How do each of our colleagues place those they've interacted with on this same scale?

Then graph it. Just like above.

A political mapping device that may well visually give you apt focus.

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