LinkedIn Personal Message Marketing Template

Apparently, LinkedIn is the new Facebook.

Supposed 'professionals' using personal over-sharing as legitimate marketing.

There is, perhaps not unsurprisingly, a well-thumbed method for writing optimum value LinkedIn posts:
an oblique/dramatic/controversial opening line followed by four lines of space so that the feed-scrolling reader has to click on the post to find out more.
What follows is a personal story (something for the reader to relate to), often all delivered in short sentences with the obligatory line in between (walls of texts apparently don’t scan well) and then it will be woven through with multiple hashtags, @ mentions of other colleagues (to drive up its sharing potential), and ending with a question asking readers to engage with their own opinions.

So reads a paywall para from a London broadsheet gasp at what's been accelerated on the site since March 2020.

I guess a smidge of disclosure is required here. Every single person I've meet this decade with skin in the recruitment or HR game gushes over LinkedIn. More than any other 'thing'. I'm sick of it. It's 'Networking' Industrial Complex madness.

I came off the site around 2007. Nothing since has suggested that was unwise.

For some it may prove worthy. A small sum, there. It strikes me that for solution sellers, it's little more than a scam, robbing you of time, energy and - the real kicker - actual leads.

Other careers are available. I get that. Let those in them knock themselves out LinkedInning all day. Just please don't proselytise my way any more.

With that off my chest, let's revisit the post format outlined above.

Is it any good for sales comms elsewhere?

Let me see by a first-pass attempt at one promoting my personal present pursuit;

Losing out to a competitor who's better on video calls than you?



I know many salespeople filled with dread at yet another #videoappointment with a key prospect.

@seniorsalespeople too.

Frustrated at the lack of #enthusiasm or #engagement.

With genuine #dealprogress a #sellingmirage.

Yet all these can be left behind.

As many @superstarsellers have found.

I can unlock distinctive sales video calls.

Wouldn't you like to add at least one #careerboosting #salesperformance #videomethod to your #videosalescall repertoire?

Which aspect of how you come across or results gone missing would you most like to alter?

Alright, so I've deliberately lathered this up. Along with generalisations. But if this 'intro' is two minutes work, then can you with a bit more thought improve on it for your aims?

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