Top Job Campaign Branding

There's suddenly a vacancy.

The UK political figurehead baton about to pass.

Many early front-runners are out there on merit alone, as opposed to anything to do with their skin colour. And for that we should rejoice.

One such heavyweight pounds the rest of the field through his social media positioning.

Widely reported - across commentary Left and Right - with label, 'slick'.

Much of the tittle tattle concerns how and when his chosen url came about.

As usual here, the lamestream media pursues turf a long way from the meat of the issue.

So let's examine how such framing looks from a solution buyer's perspective.

Yes, there's the movement's name. Hashtag promoted; Ready4Rishi. Bit cringy. But it's there.

Since my cubrep days I learnt that if you coin a project name with your client, you're way more likely to prevail.

Then there's visuals. The campaign name turned into a logo. Blimey.

Upward slanting text. Just like how the right kind of travelling linegraph ought rise. Underlined with a growing wedge too. Even turning an ending letter into an exclamation mark. And there's variants of this treatment too. Keeping the blue shape to aesthetically thread different messaging together.

Yet perhaps the most meaningful aspect is the campaign mantra; Together we will restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite the country.

It follows the Rule of Three.

With a trio of 're-'s.

No matter how vacuous, you may scoff, these really work. When they 'cut-through', they win.

The first I was perhaps conscious of, was the informal UK 'Centrist' landslide cementer from 1997; things can only get better. Although the outcome of that race was never in doubt.

More recently, a couple of political missiles up-ended convention; Make America Great Again & Take Back Control.

Then to the present day. The Elite tried to re-seize initiative; Build Back Better. Whilst not at the same level, even those opposed could be heard echoing this post-corona sentiment.

This candidate does not (yet..?) have such a snappy slogan. But starts with a sentence. A type of hendiatris or tricolon.

Consider the elements.

restore :: rebuild :: reunite

trust :: economy :: country

I find myself whenever summing up something on a Sales call searching deliberately for a triple phrased conclusion. Choosing three nouns bang-bang-bang. Sometimes even listing by number, 1-2-3.

In the scramble to get off to a quick start, those with hats in the ring are trying to outbid each other on which taxes they'll cut with the most swingeing cleave.

The hopeful with the logo though, appears the only one not playing that game. Maybe that'll backfire. But it feels clear that he and his team are betting the pillar triplet chosen will set him apart in more ways than one.

Whatever happens inside this electorate's murky machinations, a form of this kind of thing would usually help seal the deal in our world.

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