How Often Does The Fire Bell Ring In Your Sales Office?

A food wholesaler to the pub and restaurant trade hired an English Sales Consultant.

They sought more new client acquisition.

He decided to bring an “American” touch into the office.

An old-school bell.

Each time someone landed a new customer, they must ring the bell.

No matter what anyone else was doing, meeting, phoning.


They office seemed to like the addition.

I heard that at one point a buyer down the line even commented, “the fire alarm sure does ring a lot in your office there!”

It brought to mind one of those early business reality telly shows. A second-hand car dealership swapped managers. An American – self-styled as the USA’s best car salesman (but sadly not Don Ready) – arrived to much bewilderment at a provincial English showroom.

Practically the only item he instigated that stayed in place after he’d gone was the exact same.

A bell on reception that after each sale, the salesperson went and rang.

For them, it seemed that both customers and sellers enjoyed the experience.

Many a sales floor has something similar.

It’s better suited to some sectors more than others.

Is it a fit for yours?

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