How Sought-After Is Your Zoom Room?

A home renovation website garnered much PR for their recent listing of Britain's most desirable room makeovers.

I naturally found myself drawn to their Home Office nods.

The publicity shots of those garlanded are enough to make you salivate. Or weep.

The Daily Mail no less chose to highlight a 'people's choice' selection of the country's 10 Most Desirable Rooms.

Among them, a corner home office, from around 2018. Part of an extension project they called The Jewel Box. Press snap as seen above.

Given these times of blanket WFH, there was one other obviously home office in this top ten. This spot in East London;

'The slim, built-in desk is an efficient use of a tight space, while the vertical panelling helps to highlight the height of the room, drawing the eye up'.

With the window-walled example, a lack of daylighting should rarely be an issue. Although a desk lamp and laptop stand will no doubt have now been added to that red counter-top table at the very least. You also get a choice to mix-up angles for your backdrop too.

As for the other, surrounded in the typically named Farrow&Ball paint Plummet, the shadow cast suggested the window may cause lighting headaches. A burden which could be nicely averted with addition of a retractable shelving extension. Perpendicular to the near-end. Allowing for an extension to fold out solely for laptop placement on a video call.

There's over thirty put forward on the overall listings.

None as presented, are what you'd call a working video call space though.

The glossy mag styling not really suited to the paraphernalia required for effective video meetings cluttering their curated frame.

There's plenty that could make it live and breathe though.

So maybe what we really need, is a working home office awards list.

What adorns the walls behind your seat. At the back of your laptop. To your side as an alternative view.

Physical whiteboard or flip chart. Semi-pro mic and stand. Extra screen.

Props to hand. Value signals. Personality on show.

Incredibly - or understandably, depending on how far you think we've come or not in a decade - their twenty-strong collection from back in 2011 includes more practical offerings.

Among them, may well be a key inspiration for you too.

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