How Springwatch Stickleback Star Spineless Si Should Spur Your Sell

spinelesssimon closeup

In the (worryingly shrinking) moments when it doesn’t go all kiddies-tv, BBC’s Springwatch can be special telly.

This year, a star is born in this little stickleback.

Thanks to terrific technology, we see him survive the bite of bitterns, ottergeddon, rival Frisky Phil, and learn to perfect his zigzag mating dance as well as the softly way to treat a lady.

For a show which insists they don’t like to anthropomorphise, they do so relentlessly.

Thankfully, saleswise there’s something else they like to do that’s good.

Chief presenter Chris Packham “loves a barchart”.

Not only does he revel in talking us through them, it’s his presenting of them that provides excellence.

Here he is, said chart in hand. It happens to be about stickleback Simon’s paternal state.

SpinelessSi barchart1

He flashes it around. Never a cutaway to a screen with its pixelated version. Always held aloft with one palm, pointed at when required.

I love this tactic.

The printout is likely a sheet of A3. So double the size of standard A4 (akin to ledger/tabloid in N American).

It’s mounted on a piece of card. Leaving a nice framed border too, so beloved of crafty types who’ve long presented in this way. Like storyboarders, architects or interior designers.

It is a winner that we should be taking into our solution sale boardrooms.

It costs only pennies to set up.

Yet imagine the power of having your one, key chart in this form.

When it appears on the screen, hey presto, you produce the solid art.

You can pass it about, leave it in sight. A permanent centrepiece or gentle reminder. Highlighting your top point.

Get cracking. Get proper presenting. Get people buying.

SpinelessSi barchart2

Update: I’m happy to report that this technique became a regular on the programme.

Ever wondered how the digestive tract of a pigeon differs from ours? Here’s a diagram.


Then there’s the post-skin shed movements of male and female Adders, close to their prey of reed-nesting Red Shank’s newly hatched chicks.


A piechart too. Of the varied Cetti’s Warbler diet showing how it occupies its own food niche to survive.


And finally, Spineless Si is back. Having really upped his fanning game suggesting he may well have successfully reared fry at last.

SpinelessSi barchart3

SpinelessSi barchart4

All leading to Si’s impressive tabloid coverage on celebratory display.

SpinelessSi tabloidcoverage

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