How To Better Spend That Year Lost To Snooze

So it is a true fact. We waste 267 days of our entire life from hitting our alarm clock snooze button. Just imagine what you could do with that precious time back…

I can sense the web’s legion of self-proclaimed lifestyle coaches leaving aside their gooping mandala’d hygge for a moment to pen a new blog. How can I not join in the fun? Especially given the irrefutable first option of Rule 4…

The starter trio are ‘prep’, the following quartet actual actions (which strangely only make fifteen minutes of your ‘lost’ 18). All designed to make sure your Go-Go-Go switch gets hit quick and stays firmly locked down.

Given that I warmly embrace at best only a grand total of 1½ of these, perhaps it’s inevitable I make a anti-soporific Sales analogy.

My first recollection featured all those selling gurus that think about turning the downtime up.

In particular, I’ve always had a soft spot for their suggestions on the very first thing you ought do when you sit at your desk and very last as you reach for your jacket to go home.

Namely, make a cold-call.

Just the one.

Who cares if you get through or not?

They conduct a reversal of atomisation to entice.

Simply multiply those pair of calls by the number of workdays.

Think how your funnel stats would pan out.

Wouldn’t you like to work the prospects that those extra 400 cold-calls a year bring?

The general snooze-and-you-lose formula here appears to focus on “elements to shake up your system”.

Every Sales system could do with the odd shake-up, right? And yours may not even mandate you to sup from a yellow cup to make progress.

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