How You Play The Ball

As England put the circuit’s current comedy side, the Windies, to the sword in the first test, professional Yorkshireman Geoff Boycott analysed the unorthodox technique of present world number one batsman Chanderpaul.

He stands almost front-on to the bowler, rather than more traditional side-on stances. Yet he is an immovable object in the long form, and quick scorer in the shorters.

“Firey” Boycs commented on TMS how much coaching he has done across the globe since retirement in the early 80s. He never gets concerned with how people stand at the crease.

“it’s how you play the ball”

He went on.

“It’s not how you pick up the bat or stand.

Bradman used to pick it up towards gully!”

His incredulity at how the greatest ever batsman could prosper with such an anti-text book approach was clear. He talked next about the “rotary movement of the shoulders”.

His point is a cracker when related to Sales.

There are so many tips and tricks around the edges, yet so many miss the main aim.

Do you come across as out for yourself, or out for your prospect?

How you play the ball is surely all about how you put yourself in the potential client’s shoes and how this genuinely comes over through everything you do.

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