Premier League Awards

One for sales management. The climax of the English top flight football league was astonishing. A double-strike inside five added minutes of stoppage time earned Manchester City the title in the very last match.

One newspaper review of the season made me think of many a sales conference hoo-rah I’ve been to.

When it comes to doling out the champers, the prizes often lack any fizz of their own. Anyone over quota (rightly) gets a gong of course, with the numero uno a special mention. But that’s about it. Yet there’s so much more to enliven proceedings. And crucially, also improve motivation.

The categories of accolades I read were as follows;

best player, manager, goal, match, signing & pundit

worst flop, biggest gripe, change for next season & is the league stlil the world’s best?

There’s a lot to take from these I fancy. What about ideas from this bunch;

best deal, most improved rep, ideal win, best upsell, shortest winning campaign, best first-meeting to deal ratio, best competitive unseat, most new product sold & perfect process addition

And you can easily add in a few comedy ones of your own for a moment of levity too.

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