I`d Like Your Opinion Please

I was on the phone talking with one of my customers about how his sales of a newly launched product were going.  This happens to be a particular area of personal expertise for me that I’m humbled salesteams pay decent money to tap into.

The conversation revealed a delicious successful take on the “pre-launch” sales approach.  He wasn’t so sure anymore about the latest product.  This is far from unusual, in fact, I find it fairly commonplace.  In this instance, initial enthusiasm had waned when no-one had materialised to bite his arm off, as the internal marketing fanfare had suggested they would, to buy the new sparkly jewel.

So, he asked a question during a phone call making sure a recent customer (on other products) was happy with everything.  The response was so warm, that he explained about his a new product, and asked that as it was intended for people just like the customer, he’d really like his opinion on how suited it was in reality.  Ask and ye shall receive.  A coffee slot was agreed for a non-sales, no-pressure demo.

As the half-hour drew to a close, the client was animatedly confirming how suitable it indeed was and that he very much wanted to buy it himself.  Done deal, it was a refreshing shot in the arm for the previously down-in-the-mouth rep.

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