The Problem With Perfectionism

This Monday lunchtime I’m finding customers elusive. It seems that most reps on the road are “working from home” at the moment. I’m sure the ‘home’ part is probably true, as for the ‘working’ bit, well…! Still, if most buyers and sellers alike are making the most of a fortnight off until Jan the fifth, then it gives those of us still shackled to keyboard and phones the chance to prepare for the year ahead.

I myself am getting together some collateral that’ll support one of my endeavours. Yet I’ve fretted of late over the requisite calibre of this work. I’ve set myself high expectations and so have been eager to reach that high bar. This has resulted in me not having it done as rapidly as I’m capable of. I mentioned this to a pal of mine over the weekend who suggested that being a perfectionist was ultimately constraining. He suggested I “get it out there” then adapt and evolve it later if necessary.

Wise words, and ones that reminded me of interview tips dished out an Uni. When thrown the googly of “what are your weak points?”, rather than glibly respond that none exist, your best bet is apparently to state that you are a perfectionist.

The facts are that it’s almost impossible to ever have 100% of everything you want in place, and at some point, you’ve just got to commit to something. If you are a perfectionist, then it’s an idea to learn when to crack on with what you perceive as the final piece of the puzzle still missing. In my current case, I can always add in new sections and take a scalpel to others once my doc’s live in the New Year.

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