Ideas For Your Zoomscape Frieze

The latest Elgin Marbles brouhaha reminded me of this artistic trick for our own humble video projection scenery.

For the uninitiated, the position of London’s British Museum which currently owns these sculptures from the Parthenon, is that they were legally acquired from the rulers of Athens at the time, the Ottomans. Modern-day Greece choose to dispute such contractual fact.

Have you seen the elements that make up said Marbles?

Alongside the beheaded life-size humans, there is a frieze.

Here’s a wikicommons snap.

These types of art often adorn an elevated spot.

Can you remember back to your little school days?

The top of walls just beneath any coving or running up to the ceiling would often house a band of pupil’s paintings.

Is there scope to similarly decorate this space in your video surrounds?

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