If It's Good Enough for Huw

Another week, another media-based 'sex scandal' blanketing UK broadcast airwaves.

You don't need to know the intricacies, let alone hold an opinion, to wonder what presentation, particularly video performing, skills could be gleaned from someone earning ten grand a week of taxpayers money for reading the news for half-hour each workday.

Well here's three. From screens as seen in a montage accompanying a talking head on London-based rolling news channel, TalkTV.

Welshman Huw Edwards has been at the top of the game for a long time now.

When standing up, spot how he holds his notes.

In the studio, and on location at Big Ben, with both hands, opposite diagonal corners.

Then also digest that he is happy to have notes on view. Despite bestriding his arena. (I blog about this point every now and then, including this coincidentally current one; Presidential Prompt Cards.)

Back to the studio, his office. And I couldn't help but notice his 'natural' posture.

He tends to lean a little forward, and look ever so slightly upwards towards the lens.

How often have you (or those meeting with you) been greeted by this kind of positioning on-screen during a video call?

And finally, he has a signature pose.

Adopted it seems, mainly when glancing away from camera.

Here's the sample live from set.

Then we see him demonstrate it.

One way, then the other.

With this explanation revealed as part of a masterclass for schoolchildren.


Not a caption competition, by the way.

I've now added these to the variety already contained within my Gestures & Movements Video Calls That Sell module. Add them to your routines and you too can be closer to making your (half) a million.

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