If Your Job Could Have One App

Now there's a question.

The s'posed gorilla in the room of daily tech co reporting may have fallen from its one time loftiness. Given the paucity of replies. As you can see above, at time of blogging here, contributions maxed out at a meagre ten.

Perhaps it was also the blatant laziness of a journo looking for an easy piece on 'next big things'?

Still. On solution pitches we often pose a flavour of this;

'so, if you could invent one thing to help in your work...'

Maybe the lack of engagement above is due to the account being the paying subs feed. A naturally smaller pool. As I type only 4,814 followers vs a whopping 10.2 Million for their main handle. Imagine if they'd have asked the ten mil. At that response rate of a fifth of one percent, they might be now be toying with 20,400 ideas...

Or just simply the language. After all, can you imagine asking in similar styling;

What's a product that you want to manifest into existence to help you in your job?

Away from the fantasy world of unicorn breeding, I have myself heard questions asked of prospects for what they might like to bring in, 'if you had a magic wand..?'

You can judge for yourself the calibre of proposals this tweet garnered.

From limited through already done to out there.

Yet the vibe remains a solution staple.

Often the hardest part is to 'create the need'. If the prospect has already began to form thoughts as to fixing something, in a way that your wonders allow, then you may well have crossed that toughest of initial barriers.

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