Intensity Over Targets & Figures

"It's never based on targets and figures. It's about the intensity."

So spoke cricket World Cup winning 50-over captain of England, Eoin Morgan.

Reflecting on Friday's world record score against the Dutch. A total just two shy of the vaunted 500.

I blog on this essential underpinning theme often.

For our 'targets and figures', start with The Number. Our overall quota carried. Then our progress towards reaching, smashing, it. KPIs across a multitude of components making up a 'true', fuller picture of your Sales efforts.

By the way, I also argue that prime focus on such can prove a misdirection.

To echo the old joke, 'if Sales were just numbers, then it'd be bingo'.

So, what in our game equates to 'intensity'?

You can make the case that if this encompasses your 'intent', of 'how' you go about achieving the success as framed by the 'targets and figures', then for us it is the underlying mindset. One I completely recommend as 'process'.

And not the tabs on your sales reporting screens.

But the pattern of events that when in place on a bid, guarantee you win.

Intensity for England's champion white-ball cricketers begins with unrelenting focus on what's best for the team at any given moment.

For us, such focus I believe lasers on what it is exactly that makes us uniquely fit the buyer needs, and how this can be accepted not just by the one potential customer today, but repeated across all those in a similar boat.

What's best for our prospect? Is the answer is wholeheartedly 'me!'? Then how you constantly strive to show this - and refine how so as you go - will be what also brings you record-breaking performance.

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