If Your Pitch Were A Heist, Would It Get Away With The Million Dollars?

Real lines said in a meeting, Part 18.1.12…

Who doesn’t love a cunning heist movie? A good old fashioned caper. The loveable rogues with a plan against the evil ‘man’ that make it, just.

Well, here’s a reaction from a Friday meeting. Right after news broke about a jewel gang from the Paris Ritz earlier in the week. They snatched their loot. All €4m of it. Only to drop it on their way out.

If this pitch were a heist, it wouldn’t have left the jewels behind.


At the time, I wasn’t totally convinced this was appropriate. But everyone laughed, relaxed, and progress flowed. So. Anything that works, works. I guess…

A broader point did occur.

With the wordsmithery often required in the heat of pitching, this template could well be built upon.

Switching in almost anything that could amount to success.

If this was a movie, it’d be the summer blockbuster that takes all the gongs

If this were a sportsteam, it’d be the underdog that wins all neutrals hearts and lifts the trophy

If this were a male role in a romcom, it’d definitely ‘get the girl’

If this were a president, it might not have the biggest button there is but would know how to use it

If this were a cryptocurrency, it’d be the one that truly leaves a legacy

You’re only limited by your imagination.

There is another selling picture to paint here. Attachment to something that achieves in a place were such accomplishment is notoriously tricky can be evocative for a prospect. If you can be the holding the million-dollar gems whilst your opponents are merely themselves and prevail, then you’ve certainly pulled off your own heist.

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