Could You Use Google Docs Project Proposal Template

Further proof that you’re best off not outsourcing all your life to Google. Or any other techgiantia for that matter.

Above is their chosen ‘placeholder image’ for Tropic. The Project Proposal template inside their Docs app. It sits at the top of the cover page.

Ew. I can hardly believe they’ve put out something so 90s. Especially considering how easy it would have been to make a themed piece of such temporary imagery across their full range of templates. And with actual design literacy.

Still. I did think of replicating this very geometric pattern with corporate colours I was using recently. As a deck section stopper. Referencing the googlers, naturally.

Of perhaps higher Sales significance, is how they feel you ought set out your Proposal. Here’s the four sole headings they go on to suggest;

Overview   Goals   Specifications   Milestones

You can have a lot of fun with these.

Particularly with a familiar, friendly audience. Like a longtime client when account managing. Or an internal launch of a new product. In a cheeky ‘what would google do’ style-y. In both cases I suspect you could sweetly workshop using this format how your ‘project’ might be shaped.

You needn’t make a big deal out of it. Twenty minutes might suffice. As for sure, these are most definitely not the quartet of headers a Sales Prop should deploy. Yet you never know, Google may actually genuinely help you for a change.

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