10 Presentation Cliches You Must Avoid When Presenting

To help bring in the New Year, how about a buzzfeeding listicle on seasonal bottom dwelling selling.

10 Presentation Clichés You Must Avoid When Presenting;

Double Act

Repeating ‘When You Buy’ Throughout

Comedy Props

21st Century clip art/stock photography

Your Corporate Slides Upfront


Repeating Everything Is Awesome

Motivational Quotes


And finally, Clichés.

I realise you may well have your own offenders. Maybe you actually insist one of these works wonders.

I’m aware for instance that ‘video’ is a controversial one maybe. But call me old-fashioned, you are the star of this particular production, not someone else or someone else’s clever snippet of video, with the caveat of anything that shows the problem (alongside your solution) can pass muster.

Avoid these and everything your prospect sees they really could think is awesome…

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