Coaching Talking Head Resolutions Top Tip Trio

Her Fox News bio; ‘award-winning executive coach and career strategist Elizabeth Koraca‘.

Richard Quest on his CNN Money hour took the extremely rare step of making notes from what she said.

The topic they both covered, unsurprisingly at this time of year, were ‘tips for sticking to your 2018 resolutions’. Apparently by the end of Week One our New Year Resolutions overwhelmingly already lie in tatters.

Here’s her 3 Top Tips;

  1. Keep it (super) simple
  2. Write it down (everywhere)
  3. Have an action plan (a strategy)

As Quest himself was quick to note, she moves swiftly from Resolutions to life/career/business planning in general.

Goalbot Elizabeth proudly told Quest that only four days into the New Year she’d nailed one of her main resolutions straight away. Taking a calligraphy course to improve her “crappy” handwriting. As Our Richard remarked, with that knowing furrowed brow of his, “extraordinary”.

The last time I blogged along such lines was thanks to golfer Rory McIlroy. Ms Koraca doesn’t opt for anything near as lengthy as the trad shortcut of ‘smart’ goals. She is so well rehearsed (big hint for sellers in that one) that her appearances on screen across both media channels feature the same flawless delivery of her shtick.

Whilst gaining admiration for her Foxnews reveal that she’d “just lost 30lbs of baby weight”, she also elaborated on those 3 Tips, as on CNN.

Simple means choose just one or two. Then have it visible, pasted onto your ‘nightstand, bathroom mirror kitchen wall’. Finally, know precisely how you’re going to follow-through so that you can mark-off on your calendar.

For the seller seeking improvement, the parallels ought be pretty self-explanatory.

What do you aim to improve? Which process elements do you need to embed? Where must you focus?

Choose one. Plaster it around you. Tick off what you do, when you planned to do it.

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