If You're Struggling For Client To Reveal Data, Use This Old City Joke

Already this year, bankster ‘misdemeanours’ are shocking in their continued and deepening revelation.

RBS – so recently the largest bank in the world let’s not forget – have had to set aside a further £3bn, causing losses just this year of £8bn. Lloyds have also added to their bill, racking up £10bn of costs.

The City term putting every piece of bad news out in one huge go, as;

“big bath provision”

Then there’s the wonder of why these astronomical numbers have taken such an age to emerge. Apparently, The City joke is;

“bad numbers take longer to add up than good ones”

It is the trick not just of the wizened solution seller to ask prospects for data. Every rep worth their salt will seek numbers that help show a compelling business case. Despite emotion and hunch, logic and reason can be needed to guarantee a decision our way. To adapt the adage, people buy with their heart but persuade their bosses with the head. That head being full of numbers.

But what when a prospect seems reluctant to give you any stats?

If the cause is embarrassment – perhaps their situation is truly dire – then evoking City statements like those above may just give you a door to a helpful conversation. One that allows face to be saved, and figures to finally flow forth.

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