What Could Your Bid Take From Caveman Diet Cheat Sheet?

PaleoCheatSheet 400x500

What a cool cheat sheet.

My pal’s are surely not alone sending this through cyberspace to all and sundry.

There strangely seems to be a groupwide thirst for gluten-free beer.

Wikipedia suggests this Paleo is also the Caveman diet. Berries and red meat?

Anyway. It occurs to me that the discipline of a diet is perfect for the cheat sheet treatment.

This particular one is a belter.

Whatever you sell, it has a ‘use’. And that usage has specific ways in which its impact (return) is maximised.

So we also have our Do’s and Don’ts.

The upper half duly looks after itself. As for the lower, Keywords and Swap also have equivalents in solution selling.

Once ‘delivered’, what are the key milestones to look out for? What key roadblocks must be avoided?

Or what will success look like and what tends to make it happen?

This cheat sheet format is not only simple, but also readily adaptable.

Doing so for your projects can I’m sure prove a worthy, deal clinching piece of collateral.

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