Impress Through Strategy

Brushing up on a bit of strategic formulation for a specific exercise I was involved with, I happened across an article suggesting that most Executives could not articulate (because they did not know) their firm’s strategy.

This particular writer believes the single most important thing a business (leader) can do is;

make sure your people understand your strategy, and their roles in it.

It follows that if you are salesperson, it would set you apart to make sure your prospect knows where you stand on this very same platform too.

He further posits that the biggest stumbling block is people not knowing the ‘why’. Can you articulate ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing?

I like this because it has echoes of a perennial favourite of mine, Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle.

Still, imagine at your next meeting clientside you leave them able to repeat your mantra of why you get out of bed. So long as that is aligned with where the prospect needs to go, I maintain that you will truly distinguish yourself as a winner, and most deserving of their business.

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