Interactive Business Card

I recently got persuaded by a local tech-based printshop to undergo a business card refresh.

Back in those downs of lock, I designed a card for my present focus. One side featured the main cover image from my book. The other, contact deets.

Given I've long since moved beyond that 9-cell video meeting frame, I was open to iterate. So plumped for a version of my simplified, three-person call imagery.

My contacts side keeps the same font and background colour. With the new 'heading' line switched from my adapted book's subtitle of How To Get What You Want From Video Meetings, to I Unlock Productive, Advancing, Distinctive Sales Video Calls. In part, as I've always had a soft spot for the 8-word mission.

I note that I declined to take the advice of those suggesting a QR code ought also appear.

I've also never liked job titles on a business card. Only once, long ago, have I ever had to accede to one. I also shy away from types of personality labelling; 'superhero', 'human being' or even today's vogue for inserting a zany spin from a hitherto unused word between 'chief' and 'officer' [on which, see also this forum from 2001].

Also aware of the lament that a business card should wherever possible do something. Think of mechanics spending fortunes to provide a tool kit, the ʟᴇᴅ lights you can use as torch, and usb flash drives, all in the flattened traditional shape. Post the ᴡꜰʜ explosion, I even got given one. Made of stern plastic with a fold indent along the middle lateral with a chevron slit either side at one end, which became a phone holder for instant video calling. Maybe I should just hand out mugs. I mean, who has an actual rolodex or special card wallet-book to hand these days?

Anyway, a nagging thought persisted about the 'logo' side though.

I've admired those that don't take themselves too seriously, yet encourage a bit of thinking by the person receiving.

So I added text over the side of the marque.

I came up with a final three choices.

Each intended to generate a bit of interaction. Even if the recipient isn't expected to actually scribble on the card, I'd hope it gets them thinking positively, at least a smidge. Even creatively.

Which is your favourite?

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