Is UX Failure Innit

Got it?

It’s everything.

And don’t forget the hand swirls.

I was reminded of this chap when using a big ticket system the other day.

Uploading a doc.

The simplest of tasks nowadays.

Or not.

When the status returned a flag of “uploaded”, it was not.

Unbelievably, despite the transaction being signalled as compete, the actual upload was only triggered once clicking both and specifically last the second, of two ‘command’ buttons lower down the page, well beyond the navigation tabs, and the screen cleared.

Might well have Don Norman uttered the title of this blog today?

A, if not the, Founding Father of the discipline.

It reminded me with a dismissive shudder that UX is under-appreciated by salesteams at their always-the-bridesmaid peril.

You think it’s mainly about your product’s ease of use?

Think again.

It’s way more about you.

It’s the way you write emails, are pushy but with that glint in your eye, respond, bring in ‘experts’, gain permission to roam, sculpt a prop, craft a diagram, present, even dress.

Are you consistent? Are you matching the aspiration of your product use with your prospect’s experience of your pre-buying assistance? Are you unique? Are you making yourself attractively distinct? Are you adding something? Are you receiving job offers from clients?

And that’s before we even consider what’s likely outside your control. Such as delivery (including unboxing through set-up to first use), service, maintenance.

User Experience sells. Is yours worth the price tag?

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