Is Your Edge In How Your Prospects' Aviate, Navigate & Communicate?


This three-pronged mantra is sadly topical as I blog today.

It is aeronautical in origin. Core to the training of a pilot.

Whilst my pic above is not quite the perfect t-shirt slogan, the three words form a potentially compelling framework for judging a solution sale.

If you knew where your prospect was in relation to each of these, I fancy you’d be on to a winner.

It could even make an interesting way of scoping out the usual project investigation session in a way that is a bit different. And memorable.

Aviate is all about how the plane is kept flying. Whatever happens, it must stay aloft. When a minor problem distracts with devastation, that’s fixation. However the potential client wants to ‘change’ they still need to do business. What shape does this take exactly, and how will it be maintained as smoothly as possible whilst your plans move ahead?

Navigate is getting through all the turbulence, routing and even destination changes in one piece. Where does your future customer really want to go? How do they think they’re getting there? What hurdles and roadblocks are anticipated or possible?

Communicate concerns how all those involved with the journey are kept informed and included. Whether they be passengers or crew, aiding on the ground or waiting on arrival, how lines of dialogue and progress are made, monitored and maintained is also critical.

These three steps, and you could well be one giant leap ahead of your competition. As well as gain a much closer understanding of your prospect’s needs. Put on your pilot’s cap…

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