Is Your Pitch Transformative Or Accelerative?

I was recently struck by the analysis of a lecturer in contemporary politics.

Newcastle Uni’s Dr Martin Farr had an interesting opinion on the impact of war.

“The question to ask with wars is always,

‘are they transforming things, revolutionising things, or are they merely accelerating existing processes?’

And I think it usually has an accelerative effect.”

These remarks immediately brought to mind studies that suggest a ‘new’ product tends to succeed better (in terms of quicker take-up) when it is pitched as an evolution as opposed to revolution.

Fighting your sales battles, perhaps it’s best to look at what movements are already in play and attach yourselves to speeding them up, rather than suggest to all and sundry you’re the crash-bang-wallop option to wholesale change any and everything.

How does your current pitch shape on along these poles?

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