It's Not About You

I’ve recently been trying to buy some new toys for my sales guys.  And I’ve become infuriated beyond belief by the lack of care, appreciation and genuine interest the sales guys selling to me consistently showed towards me.  For sure, they were all pally-pally.  Cracked the funnies.  Tried to establish rapport.  Asked (albeit in a fairly perfunctionary manner) what my requirements were.  Yet, a fundamentally vital element was missing in the subconscious transmissions I relentlessly receive from them.

Let me give you an example.  One guy was giving me a type of ‘deadline’ close: “I need you to email me acceptance else I won’t be able to supply you”.  A lesson in how not to win orders.

Why do I give a toss about what ‘you’ want or need, mister salesman?

You can give off the right message though.  Here’s how: “… knowing you want … if you send through the order now … you can then guarantee you’ll … ” and so on.

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