It's Not Just The Office Rent

This first full week where all workers where I am are encouraged to get back into the office is an eerie place.

Rush-hour transport volume visibly no different to the weeks prior.

News sites keen to show photos of sparsely driven trunk roads, train carriages where those on board each has a seat, and spookily empty city centre pedestrianised thoroughfares.

One of many pieces written on the now mythological Great Return suggested Small Businesses have been so grateful to save on office costs during coronavirus, that WFH is indeed here to stay.

One business finance provider even researched 1,000 SME owners to announce this saving as £4,000 a month. And that's without all the associated, ancillary costs also removed on top.

I'm not convinced the future is totally WFH. But it certainly does feel at the very least, a Hybrid world is taking shape.

I pretty much have only talked at length these past eighteen months or so with the committed. Yet even here, I'm often flabbergasted at how those that really get it, can find themselves thwarted in kitting out their home office or corner of the corporate space to become a truly functioning video call place.

Even if we all race back to our old communal workspaces, the power of what can be done over video - especially in Sales - both beyond and complementary to phone or in-person, means there's huge scope to be distinctive over your competition to win more business.

And that's before you factor in the incredible productivity gains that less travelling to prospect sites powers.

There's the current flavour of the month line by some, dismissing not turning up in person as akin to showing the prospect you're not serious about them.

Whether you view those expressing such sentiment as dinosaurs, or simply yet to be enlightened, that simply is not the case.

There's a new type of activity to add-in to your weaponry now.

And how you choose to deploy video calls on a bid could well be the decisive factor determining whether you ultimately prevail or not.

Not a mere phone call with a 2-D attendee on-screen either. But a genuine video meeting framework, with purpose, and the panache that gets you purchase orders.

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