My Product's Great For...

I was party to musings back in the Noughties about the wonders of the internet.

Given the forum featured no “corporateers”, the specific slant was accelerated individual empowerment.

Everyone had a stab at sloganising.

Then one person suggested that the results would be better if each framed their favoured concept in the statement, “the internet is great for dot dot dot”.

Consequent ideas included:

the internet is great for conversation
the internet is great for killing middlemen
the internet is great for fulfilment
the internet is great for the curious

I immediately felt that this exercise had Selling merit.

Imagine having a conversation with any number of your customers along these lines.

How would they finish the sentence that starts; “[your product] is great for . . .” ?

Then to what positive uses could you put the responses?

Naturally, this is a winning approach for framing the pull of any new ware also.

Such a simple exercise for a sales meeting workshop twenty minutes it’s scary.

And potentially highly effective.

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