It's The Emotion, Stupid

So a choked tear replaces her husband’s focus on the Economy 15 years previously, to conjure a mass-pundit defying victory for Hillary Clinton in the second American presidential candidate eliminator.

The evolution of 24 hr new stations really does no justice at all to their potential.  They all, even today focus on the ‘chicken news’ style of first-to-market CNN.  And the sport ones are even worse.  Not even the business ones have managed to avoid the rolling-headlines malaise.  Oh for a proper news opinion and analysis channel….

Anyway, despite my belief that we should have practically zero coverage of American news in England, all London-based media outlets have gone potty over this Primaries process.  So we got to see Hillary’s Croak.  And now that such an unexpected bounce has come her way, with nothing else to chew on, the pundits so wrong before, now point to this as the turnaround clincher.

This whole panto got me thinking that salespeople rarely use emotion.  Not even the ladies.  Some of the best examples of ‘turning deals around’ I’ve been party to were because of rare insights into the soul.

  • in an interview when closing, a rebuff of ‘good closing, but we’ll let you know’ was met with a job-awarding ‘it’s not interview tactics 101, I really want to know for me’
  • when faced with an indecisive prospect, with head in hands, ‘I’ve put this on my forecast, wasn’t that a good idea?’
  • being told the competition is gonna win on price, ‘I’d be gutted if that happened, as don’t we both agree my bid’s the best for you long-term?’ as the lower lip quivered

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