LACMAC Sales Call Process

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I came across another Nineties style sales process still going strong.

As you can see from the global recruiters Michael Page own pic of it above, Its ‘lacmac‘ acronym stands for;

Lead-in – Ask – Confirm – Match – Ask again – Close

A recruitment consultant on the inside shared her views of it with me. She happily towed the party line. An unwavering fan.

I was saddened to hear a stuck-in-the-past process still being used with force. But not surprised.

An update is required. Reboot, if you prefer 2.0 parlance. One with a brand new operating system, taken into modern app culture.

This process is primarily for any prospect touch, phone or face-to-face.

And it is flawed mainly because it is both from seller perspective and focuses on the ending (to close) rather than journey.

Output never trumps process.

Still, on the plus side, it is a process. Albeit on a single point rather than entire deal.

And it is straight-forward.

All is not lost. It can perhaps evolve. Although given the deep “denial” and onrushing “resistance” I encountered when broaching upgrades myself, I suspect this to be entrenched to such an extent that any change agent taking on its improvement will come to a swift sticky and bloodied end.

note 2021 update :: LACMAC Mutual Way Forward Discovery

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