Performance = Potential - Interference

As the creator of this ‘coaching’ equation sets out;


According to this formula, performance [P] can be enhanced either by growing “p” potential or by decreasing “i,” interference

The first time this was mentioned to me, I instantly liked it.

The ‘interference’ aspect intrigued me straight away.

Noise, distractions, misdirections, unwanted meddling.

If you can eliminate it, the longer you can be “in the zone”.

Pushing at my “stay in the now” open doors.

Don’t dwell on mistakes. Don’t let a setback derail you. Focus on the process and not the outcome.

Then there’s the flip of performance and potential. So many would think of them the other way round. Always consider which truly comes from which.

It is a lovely angle to apply to your daily routines. Or those of your sales charges. As well as to how you deal with ‘defeat’.

It also reminded me of many a simple sales formula that often get overlooked.

Such as a classic pipeline-to-close improvement;

F = M + S

Funnel = Mouth + Spout.

Where what you close increases by extending the size of your potential business put in the top of the funnel (the mouth) and/or improving the proportion of those deals progressed to close (at the spout).

There’s many applications for this kind of treatment elsewhere in sales too.

From finding your ideal customer profile to the perfect client delivery.

Who knew selling could be so simply formulaic?

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