Late Night Daytime Vidscapes

Apropos of nothing, they might snidely snipe.

How else can the highest paid of tv slurmongers show solidarity with the betrodden?

Well, whilst unlikely myself to consume this particular content, at least this is one piece-to-camera they offer that seems with merit.

Scriptwriters have gone on strike. Principally I gather over the march of the machine, hastening to take their jobs. Which knowledge worker, creator or white collared exec hasn't felt that icy pang lately?

To help fund the indignant enforced downtime, the above quintet of late night American network frontmen donate all royalties coming the way of this dozen-episode podcast to their AI protecting cause.

They apparently promise 'more chemistry than substance'. Hoping their random gassing produces much solid engagement with flowing liquid returns.

The above screenshot, part of their launch blitz, offers an interesting take in our solution selling hybrid times.

Remember. These guys are long immersed in on-screen presentation and related imagery projection.

So how they show themselves in their video cell ought be instructive.

It does not feel a sweeping statement to suggest that almost everyone in your selling cosmos will be ᴡꜰʜ or variants thereof at least one day a week.

I sense we can take much solace in and inspiration from their visual approach for when we video call.

Perhaps the most obvious notes are the shared traits.

None look like zooming from anything resembling an office. Although that's possibly a mancave style workshop, B-R?

They all use a prominent mic.

And each wears big 'cans'. Studio style headphones, wires a-dangling.

What I think they also share - and it occurs that a single frame may mislead - is that getting their camera angle right can be quite the challenge. Likewise, distance from it. Let alone for two, your relative size. And that's before we address the issue of lighting.

It also struck me that the Brummie alone chose the hostage video styling (T-L).

There's nothing wrong with this at all these days. But I do wonder if, as further sessions got taped, backdrops evolved a touch.

I note too that he potentially adopts the Rembrandt. Not sitting gun-barrel straight like a news anchor. Whether intentional or fluke here, this is a good pose to follow.

Not a single video meeting I'm on goes by without some recourse to a prop, elements of point making gestures or energy-lifting movement. How they embrace such here might also be instructive, given the moving hands of what you suspect is the speaker in this particular screenshot (T-C).

I am currently away from my main place of video. In the absence of those lab comforts, I've found a simple, 2020-type space will still suffice. These celeb performers evidently demonstrate similar thoughts.

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