Push & Pull Forces

Economists think of migration as being driven by a combination of push and pull factors, things which drive you away from your home country and things which draw you to your destination.

The summary of one London-based broadsheet opinionista on a burning hot topic de jour.

Simple swaps turn this into an intriguing solution sell re-frame.

For economists read us sellers. Make migration -> buying. For home country put present place.

What's also interesting about this, is that it's potentially a true, complete scale.

The total of both forces equals the whole.

You can have zero or all for either, but the remaining opposite proportion only of the other.

It provides for a fascinating gauge.

Draw a simple line. Straight. Up or down your page.

At one end, jot ᴘᴜsʜ, the other, ᴘᴜʟʟ.

Where might your prospect place the balance they feel right now to be along that continuum?

Are both forces roughly equal? Does one hugely outweigh the other? Is one more prominent to some slighter degree?

The beauty of asking, is building on their initial plotting.

Not only in how they reached its positioning, but also in how it might shift.

It's generally thought that people pay more to solve a pressing problem rather than invest in enticing tomorrows.

Yet why not test that?

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